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Learning Montessori

Helping children feel successful


I provide a nurturing environ- ment where babies feel loved and cared for.

Babies learn with an absorbent mind as they discover the world around them.

Everyday they create new connections in the brain when they hear sounds, listens to new words and interact with us and the environment.



Toddlers are very curious and they explore the world discovering what they are capable of doing.

Adults are their role models and they imitate us. We promote positive interactions and social skills.

Children engage with a variety of activities where they are learning from.


Between 3 to 5 years old, children become more independent. We provide a rich environment where they engage.

The Montessori Method helps children develop a sense of self-confidence and a love for learning.

We offer art and a variety of topics that enhances their learning process.

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How it will impact your child

Learning Montessori is focused on the children's developmental ages and stages. Daily we help them to be exposed to a great variety of activities that will help them develop their confidence and learning skills.

Freely children choose their activities and they will interact with. They also learn how to put the activities away when they are done.

Children interactions are directed to be gentle with one another. Social skills are part of our daily routines.

How children develop concentration

Children are interacting with a great variety of activities that will heip them develop a sense of self-accomplishment. Children choose their own activities in the classroom.

In today's world, children need more hands-on to develop eye-hand coordination and focus. Each one of the activities has a unique skill that they can learn from.

Meet Cristina

Hello, my name is Cristina Trengove, and I am a certified Montessori teacher I am a bilingual English-Spanish, teacher and a Life Coach.

My passion is to care for kids and provide a loving environment where they can grow and learn. I believe that every step will help them become successful.

individuals later in life.

I am certified by the state of California and I am trained in CPR and First Aid.

I believe that emotional intelligence can be developed during their early years of life. I lead children to have a positive attitude toward others so thet they treat one another with kindness and reapect.

I take joy in being part of precious moments in their lives.

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When my daughter was 13 months old I found Cristina and have been thanking my lucky stars ever since. She is professional, organizes, calm, caring and very good at what she does. I’m not sure what I would do without her and plan on leaning on her more in the coming months as I am expecting my second daughter soon. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for quality child care

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Bringing my son to Learning Montessori has been a wonderful experience. I drop him off feeling confident that he is in good hands. Cristina really understands how to interact and encourage my son, giving him creative and exploratory activities to engage his curiosity. I am very satisfied with my experience at Learning Montessori and I would highly recommend Cristina and her childcare services. Thank you for all you do for us,.

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“My husband and I feel so grateful to have found Christina and her Montessori program. Our 16-month-old daughter, Willow, loves going to school at Christina's house. She is very kind-hearted, calm, and has a very similar approach to raising babies and toddlers that my family has. I can't say enough good things about our experience! We love her Montessori-style teachings with a focus on art and music for the little ones. Willow comes home with beautiful artwork every week and Christina will even text me photos and videos of the day's activities. We also love that she makes homemade delicious food for the little ones. I am always impressed with her calm and patient demeanor when multiple babies are crying at the same time. She also has a wealth of knowledge for raising little humans. Thank you for all that you do, Christina!”

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Educating the future generation.

When we nurture the child, they become confident individuals and later they will thrive in life.

106 Madeline Dr, Aptos, CA 95003, USA


106 Madeline Dr,

Aptos, California.

(831) 325-5465